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Thank you for providing us the opportunity to share our experiences in receiving dental care through Lakeview Dental!  Having relocated from the Twin Cities metro almost nine years ago my husband and I were both concerned about finding a quality dental provider that could meet our needs.  My husband has been dealt the unfortunate hand of poor teeth coupled with  a fear of going to the dentist.  We have found Lakeview Dental to exceed the care we received in a large metropolitan area and be so accommodating that even my husband who used to cringe at going to the dentist is now not concerned with going.  The office has state of the art equipment, and well trained staff from the doctors down to the front desk personnel who make you feel important and comfortable each time you go to receive care.  If you are looking for a quality dental provider- look no further- Lakeview Dental Center can fulfill the need easily!   Rita & John


I wanted to let you know, Dr. Jacobs, what a difference you have made in my life and that I will be forever grateful for what you have done for me.

My previous dentist had fit me with a partial, the fit was so terrible I couldn't talk or eat with it in my mouth. After several failed attempts to adjust the fit, I was told that my mouth was shaped very oddly and I would have to live with it like it was.

I wouldn't smile in public and I would cover my mouth with my hand every time I laughed or someone made me grin. I was too embarrassed to go to a restaurant and have dinner with friends, I was always and forever mindful of the possibility that someone might see how horrendous my teeth looked. Truly it was more crippling than I had ever realized.

My life changed after consulting with Dr. Jacobs. I now wear an upper denture that fits so well I never have to use adhesives and I can eat apples and corn on the cob! I can walk down the street and smile at people I pass. I can laugh in front of my co-workers and family without covering my mouth and hiding. I can go to restaurants with my friends - I feel like you have given me my life back.


It has been almost one year now since I had major dental work done at Lakeview Dental Center performed by Dr. Michael Auvinen. To sum up my entire experience with Dr. Auvinen - he saved my quality of life. In the past, I have had extensive dental work, but I did not have much of a smile, with many missing teeth and the remaining ones were in pretty rough shape (my words). I scheduled my first appointment after reading an advertisement for sedation dentistry. I had resigned myself to having my teeth removed and moving forward with dentures. I was apprehensive when I arrived for my appointment, but the staff put me right at ease. Everyone is so friendly and caring and treat you with the professionalism you would come to expect. I received the most thorough and comprehensive exam that was both informative and comfortable. I was treated with respect and was assured that I could have the smile that I had always wanted. Today, I have the smile I have always wanted and I did not need to have a lower denture. My new smile is marvelous and I no longer live with pain. All of the fine folks that are affiliated with Lakeview Dental, and of course, Dr. Auvinen, really care about your oral health. I just wish that I would have known about them years before. If your reading this and wondering if sedation dentistry is for you, or maybe you are just looking for a new dental home, give them a call - they will help you.

Dorrene O

Time is always an issue for me...How do I fit my dental needs into a busy work week? Multiple procedures completed in one visit, which ordinarily would have required several lengthy appointments, was an excellent option for me. Not only can you save time, travel and scheduling around your work day; you can experience dentistry in a whole new way- comfortable, relaxed and for me-pain free. If you have difficulty scheduling time away from the workplace, contact Lakeview Dental to see how Sedation Dentisty could benefit you. It was the Ultimate Experience with Extraordinary Results.

Ms C

I have found a home at Lakeview Dental Center where the atmosphere is comforting and relaxing. I no longer associate a visit to the dentist as painful and uncomfortable, which long ago I believed to be the norm. Dr Auvinen explained what I could expect from my initial exam and asked me questions about my visit to him. He listened to me. I felt in control of my own oral health for the very first time. Discovering the condition of my mouth and what my needs were was not only disheartening, but I felt embarassed and ashamed of myself. How could I have allowed this to happen? Fear of the dental office. I always found a more pressing issue at work that made it easy for me cancel my appointment. The doctor and I discussed what I wanted most...and of course... health was my main objective. A plan for recommended treatment was prepared, based on exam findings, and was discussed in detail with me along with options that would allow me to reach my goal of a healthy mouth and body. I learned for the first time from Dr. Auvinen, that the necessary treatment could be performed in one visit and pain free. He was offering Conscious Sedation as a means to alleviate my fear and eliminate several trips to the office. The entire experience has left me with a whole new outlook as to what a visit to my dentist means.

Judy P.

Visiting the dentist doesn't have to make you anxious anymore. I did my own research on sedation dentistry and located Dr. Auvinen, who offered these services in Ashland, the closest city to my home. I was able to schedule my major dental needs in one visit, pain free. Dr. Auvinen and his dental team communicated every aspect of the procedure and the outcome exceeded my expectations. They are professional and caring, and communicated with me in a way that helped to ease my fears, genuine concern for me. My experience at Lakeview Dental has been positive and life changing. I no longer associate pain and discomfort with a visit to the dentist. Dr Auvinen and staff have earned my complete trust and confidence. I can honestly say that I arrive for my appointment relaxed, and not at all anxious about the treatment scheduled for that day. I am calm and comfortable with the aid of nitrous for my hygiene appointments, and minor treatment I ask for local anesthetic only.

Donna T.

People suffering from TMJ can relate to the high anxiety involved with a visit to your dentist. My previous dentist recommended extractions rather than have to deal with my jaw pain. I suffered with jaw pain every day, cracking and popping that made it difficult to chew my food when eating. There were days I was unable to carry on a conversation the pain was so bad. I had constant headaches and it affected every part of my daily life. The pain was so bad at one point, I contacted an Oral Surgeon, who after my exam referred me to Dr. Auvinen at Lakeview Dental Center in Ashland, WI. Dr. Auvinen explained my condition to me in terms that I could understand and offered me hope. We talked about what would need to be done in order to relieve my pain and get my mouth healthy. He prescribed muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medication and referred me to physical therapy. I am now free from medications and continue my stretching exercises at home daily. Because the office offered Care Credit financing options I could decide my repayment plan and receive the necessary treatment. My dental work is complete. I lead a productive, fulfilling and pain free life without the daily headaches. I enjoy brushing and flossing daily and wear my splint every night. I CAN'T STOP SMILING. I am so happy with the care I receive as a patient of Dr. Auvinen's, should I ever move from the area, I would travel back for my dental visits. You don't have to live with the pain.

Dawn D.

My former dentist was moving away, or so he informed me in 2006, and I would need to find a new dentist to care for me. This concerned me until I picked up the newspaper and saw an article written about an Ashland dentist receiving a prestigious Mastership Award from the Academy of General Dentistry. After reading about his accomplishments, knowledge and dedication of providing his patients with accurate diagnoses and treatment options, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Auvinen. I was apprehensive at my appointment since I knew I needed extensive dental work and really didn't know what to expect on that first visit. Dr. Auvinen introduced himself to me and asked me how he could help me. I had worn a partial for many years and it was now causing me problems. I did not want to have my teeth removed and have to wear a false plate. He replied "you don't have to." In that first conversation I found him to be pleasant to talk to, he put me at ease and thoroughly explained how we could achieve what I had wanted for a long time. I wanted to save my teeth and have a nice smile. Dr. Auvinen gave me the smile I have always wished for.

Peggie L.

This was one of the most Thorough visits we ever had. Dr. Barry is very down to earth, kind and receptive. His employees are very professional and friendly. We really felt at ease here!! Megan and Marissa did an awesome job cleaning and was so pleasant to talk with. As a professional myself, I didn’t find any flaws and highly recommend this practice to everyone!!


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